Many people still drive to their vacation destination or drive long distances for business trips. When they have to drive for a long distance, they’ll need to be careful to ensure they are as safe as possible while they’re on the road. If they are in an accident that is not their fault, the at-fault driver’s insurance company could use the long drive against them to reduce their compensation.

Why Does the Distance of a Drive Matter?

The at-fault driver’s insurance company will often look for any reason to deny or reduce the amount of compensation they’ll need to pay. If they learn the victim was in the middle of a long-distance drive, they might claim the victim was at least partially at fault for the accident because they were drowsy from the long drive and did not react to the potential accident in time to avoid the accident. If the victim of the accident does not receive help, they could end up losing some or all of the compensation they’re entitled to because of this.

How Can Hiring a Lawyer Help?

A lawyer can review the evidence from the accident, including what the victim did before the accident to show they were alert and had no issues driving their vehicle. They can also look for further evidence to show the at-fault driver was the only one who was at fault for the accident. The lawyer will then present this evidence to the at-fault driver’s insurance company and work to negotiate the full amount of compensation the victim should be able to obtain.

This will help the victim of the accident ensure they do not lose any money just because they were on a long drive before the accident occurred. In many instances, this could be the difference between having the funds to financially recover from the accident or having to pay for their own medical expenses and repairs out of pocket.

If you were driving a long distance and you were involved in an accident, a dallas injury lawyer can help show that the accident was not caused by you being drowsy. They can help you ensure you’ll receive the full amount of compensation you need to financially recover from the accident. Contact a lawyer now to learn more.