The Various Immigration Issues That Exists Globally

Immigration is a worldwide issue that is in every country. It can be explained as the movement of citizens from their origin country to a different state. Various causes can make people move from their country to the next. People moving from their origin country to a country may be a result of a war, escape from being prosecuted or prejudice among others.Others may opt to move willingly in search of better way of life. Although moving may be important, it can be an origin of various problems. Perceiving immigration at a different angle, it can be a brave move. There are both positive and negative effects on the receiving country and the country of origin.In most cases, the host countries are developed and industrialized. Thus a high number of immigrants prefer to migrate to these countries.

The ways how immigrants benefit their host country are explained as follows. Immigrants can work in sectors where the country’s citizen cannot work. From this, high taxes are collected. Likewise, immigrants work more hours with lower pay than citizens would request thus an advantage to the country economy.

When made to feel at home in the host country, these immigrants can add value to the society as they bring different cultures which bring about cohesion and understanding. By this, strong relationships between the two countries will be made. Talents may be realized and natured especially if the immigration have an education background from their previous country.

Nonetheless, adverse effects can result from the immigration mostly to the receiving country. If not appropriately managed several challenges can arise from immigration.

There may be a high level of insecurity brought about by the incoming of people from a different country and culture. This may be as a result of having a high number of people not working and emerging crime.

If not appropriately managed, diseases may be spread by immigrants. For the immigrants from an epidemic area, they are authenticated and allowed to a country by testing for diseases to avoid spreading. Therefore, countries should have checkpoints where people can be examined.

Immigration affects the demography of both countries where one increases and the other one reduces. This can jeopardize economies of both countries in different ways. Due to an increased population, there may be an environmental hazard from the emergence of refugee camps.

There may be brain drain as a result of moving to other countries.People move to other countries in search of greener pastures leaving their countries with less talent hence a treat to the economy.

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